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E-Z Cheez Bros. are back!

2009-01-06 16:14:48 by BobGSmithe

Greetings all,

For years we've stumbled around doing our seperate things but Mike and I, aka Gym and Bob , of the E-Z Cheez Bros are back and working on a ton of new projects. We're excited and are totally amped on these new ideas and are ready to get things moving again and look forward to bringing some of our craziness back to Newgrounds.

Part of our hiatus was our own disagreemnets, Mike and I both got married, I moved to L.A. and worked for Bloody-Disgusting for a brief stint, Mike got Cancer, and there's been one thing after another but we're both resolved in our efforts to create some new stuff and what we have planned is some craziness like never before.



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